Talyn Stone

If someone asked me how well I knew Talyn Stone I could give three possible answers - very well, fairly well and not at all - and each would be equally true. It's not that she cultivates an air of mystery if anything, she's entirely straightforward. To wit:

She's never boring.

My first shoot with her was an idle 'hey do you feel like shooting?' type of arrangement. I'd come across an old movie light from the 50s, and thought it would make a neat prop for something gritty. I'd been eyeing Talyn's work, and had contacted her with a couple ideas, but the movie light seemed perfect for a quick 'getting to know you' shoot.

When I dropped her off that night, I realized I'd met one of those few people who have true charisma.

2012 Oct 02 DMCPhoto 054

The next time I shot Talyn, it was in my claw foot tub, with Iris Opal - who will be subject of a future blog post, to be sure. What I took away from that was Talyn's almost maternal protectiveness of Iris.

2012 Dec 26 DMCPhoto 037
2012 Dec 27 DMCPhoto 459

Since then I’ve shot with her a few times, and sometimes we just hang out. She’s half my age, and we don’t have lots in common, but we seem to enjoy each other’s company.

2012 Dec 27 DMCPhoto 497

I love this smile. That’s one of God’s great smiles.

2013 Mar 15 DMCPhoto 022-Edit

Shot with a Leica M9. Does have that Leica glow.

2013 Mar 14 DMCPhoto

After the battery in the Leica died, I grabbed my Canon and she slipped on a wig and we headed out into the snow. This one is a little more ‘processed’ looking than I usually go. I was tinkering in Nik software. :) Sometimes you just gotta have some fun.

2013 Apr 11 DMCPhoto

We shot one day for Vandal X clothing.

2013 Apr 11 DMCPhoto 929

Talyn was changing and I opened my back door to let in some light. She declared, “I want to be fuckin’ naked in your backyard!” High fences make good neighbours.

2013 Jun 23 DMCPhoto -2

Some location shooting June of this year. 

2013 Jun 23 DMCPhoto 677


2013 Sep 15 DMCPhoto

2013 Nov 10 DMCPhoto

2013 Nov 10 DMCPhoto 011

Reviewing photos on camera. I often comment that Talyn does the most innocent nude I’ve seen. Not that anything about her seems innocent in the common use of the term. What I’ve discovered through years of nude shooting is that most people change somewhat when they disrobe. It’s in our nature to throw up defences, and very few people can be entirely un-self-conscious. Talyn can. It’s pretty cool.

2013 Nov 10 DMCPhoto 019

2013 Nov 10 DMCPhoto 030

God bless her, she gives good snarl.

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