Snerf Dogs, Singapore Slings, Simpo Sandwiches and Donkeys.

Renee had managed to snag a modelling gig with a photographer she much admired, so our first day in Nevada involved a trip back into Las Vegas. I came along with the new infrared 5d.

I started my day pretty early, wandering out back the Atomic Inn, trying to get the hang of the infrared. You have to correct the focusing because the IR spectrum focuses at a different point than the visible spectrum. I also took a couple panoramics with the Sony RX100.

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1717
DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1726
DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1738
DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 2213
DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 2218
DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1846

This is a very groovy snerf pucky a second away from losing his shit. Protective of his pack. I respect that.

* An aside: I don't much believe in dog breeds or categories. No matter how pure bred your dog is, he neither knows nor cares. All he wants to do is eat, play and roll in his own filth. There's a purity to that which shouldn't be compromised with pettifoggery. I understand the breeding and indexing of dogs is probably necessary on some level, but for my purposes, there are four types of dogs:

Yap Dogs, Snerf Dogs, Yarf Dogs and Bowf Dogs. Snerf dogs are my favourite. 

I also never call a dog a puppy. Pucky sounds much more accurate.

Off topic, but I also call cute infants 'groovy boogles.' Because that's what they are.

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1749

Renee in infrared. On the way out of town, we passed an old abandoned hotel. I said, "That would be the perfect place to shoot Talyn Stone," and Renee replied, "I was just thinking that." Didn't take a pic. Should have.

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1775

Renee in infrared outside Denis Hof's Alien Cathouse.

There was some discussion of going inside. It went like this: Me - "Should we take a tour?" Her - "No." Fair enough.

There's also a gas station, convenience store and burger joint there - I picked up an alien shot glass and a bottle of Alien Pimp Juice, which I'm reasonably certain is just garden-variety tabasco sauce.

We arrived in Vegas and went to meet Radiant Inc for Renee's shoot. Very nice and gracious fellow. We waited at a small restaurant for him to arrive, where I ordered a Singapore Sling, because I was in Las Vegas and had never had one. I'm a lightweight at the best of times, but this drink knocked me fuuhhhh-LAT on my ass. Any intention I had of assisting with the shoot or even being tolerable company went out the door.

Renee had never met Drunk Warren before. She was amused.

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1785
DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1788

Waiting at the restaurant.

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1794

Andrew Parker of Radiant Inc.

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1795

The Singapore Sling in question. I also had a warm ganache off the desert menu, because I kept laughing at the thought of "Warren Gamache has a warm ganache." (Say it out loud.)

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1804

Lacing up for the shoot.

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1817

I like Calvin Coolidge, one of my favourite Presidents. Sworn in by his father in his living room. Known as 'Quiet Cal.' Coined the phrase, "The business of the American people is business." Cut taxes and regulation, oversaw the economic boom of the 1920s, retired even though he would have likely won a third term, because he had no appetite for power.

Knowing I had to drive back to Beatty, I decided to put some food in me to soak up the alcohol, so I wandered a couple blocks and found Simpo Sandwiches. If you're ever in Vegas, I recommend stopping by. After I placed my order, the owner became entirely immersed in the craft of making the sandwich. You'd think he was separating conjoined twins, such was his focus on the task at hand. When he was finished, he broke out into a satisfied grin and took a smartphone pic of the sandwich. It was quite good.

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1828

Infrared shot with my 90mm Tilt-Shift lens, which is why the plane of focus is so wonky. 

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1877

I'll let you in on some info regarding Renee Robyn: If the zombie apocalypse ever comes and she becomes one of the infected, I'll bet anything that while her fellow undead are eating the brains and entrails of the living, she'll be at the 7-11 knocking back Nestle's Crunch bars. We walked into a gas station once and I swear to god, the entire rack of Nestle's Crunch bars cringed.

DMCPhoto February 17, 2013 1894

During a stop in Beatty, we met this guy in the parking lot of the local Denny's. I suggested that Renee get in for a few pics, but she begged off. She knows a lot more about ungulates than I do, so I didn't push it.

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