Iris Opal is everything a photographer could hope for in a model. She’s beautiful, but her look is unique. She shows up on time with a smile on her face, and is pretty much up for anything. She’s also smart, and fun to hang with. I don’t shoot with her nearly often enough. 

Talyn Stone introduced us late 2012. She had an idea for a fun BDSM-themed shoot of them in my clawfoot tub. I was only too happy to oblige, and they came over late in the day and we made magic together. Iris had never modelled nude before, and I was pleased later when she told me that I’d made her feel so comfortable that she had no hesitation when the time came. 

When you have one beautiful model in demand, getting them in front of your camera can be like herding jackrabbits. When you have two, it’s like herding jackrabbits from a hot-air balloon. So I haven’t been able to get Talyn and Iris together since then, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Our next shoot was at an abandoned farm a few hours SouthEast of Edmonton. A lot of models would balk at the idea of modelling for infrared nudes in an empty tub in the middle of nowhere, especially when you want to shoot it with a variety of wide-angle and fisheye lenses, which don’t have a reputation for creating flattering portraits. Iris, as always, was fearless and we managed to get some great shots! 

Next up, under a train trestle. Lots of climbing involved, and mosquitoes swarming everywhere. After the first attempt, where either dead batteries or forgotten cards (can’t remember) forced me to shoot with an iPhone, Iris was still up for the second attempt! 

Her exotic, somehow unreachable, look can bring tremendous mystery to shots. Even a simple hallway mirror looks a little otherworldly. 

Iris in my basement’s Creepy Room. Laser-cut spider web pasties. 

Our first location didn’t work out, so we just toured around until we came across a mildly creepy empty parking lot. 

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