Darwin Falls, Followed By A Trip To Vegas and Some Good News (Part 2 of 2)

After the Darwin Falls trip, Renee and I headed into Las Vegas to meet Tina Tokyo, a local alt-model. She'd come highly recommended to us by Radiant Inc. 

Tina was a terrific subject, fun, energetic, with an amazing look. We both had a blast shooting her on the outskirts of Vegas. She's relocated to Seattle now, and I recommend her highly. 

Afterwards, we stopped at Smashburger for a bite before taking Tina home - I'm a great believer in offering models a meal. Many of them don't eat the day of a shoot, which I disagree with, but that's a blog for another time. Great burgers, btw! During the meal, the theme song to The Jeffersons blasted from my phone, which could only mean one thing - I was getting a text from Melody, my best friend of twenty years, who'd gotten married a little over a year before.

It read, "I peed on a stick and it's positive." 

"Oh my fucking GOD!" I said, just a touch loud, in the middle of the restaurant. I'm also a potty mouth.

"What?" Renee asked.

I realized immediately that this was something Melody would want to keep quiet so she could tell who she wanted in her own way, and my mind feverishly searched for a plausible lie. Drawing a blank, I stuck my hand out flat above three feet above the ground, to indicate a short person (Melody is 4'11" and manages to look even smaller somehow) and then mimed a baby bump. Renee grokked immediately. The Jeffersons played again, and I got a text reminding me not to tell anyone.

In case you're curious, she's now in her 6th month of pregnancy, it's no longer a secret, and she's looking and feeling great. Renee and I both kept the secret, although I confessed to my slip as soon as Melody made her knocked-uppedness public.

Anyhoo, here's some pictures of the beautiful Tina Tokyo, followed by a quick snap I took of a sign at the Alien Brothel. They're a bit soft - I was still getting the hang of both my Canon 90mm Tilt-Shift lens, and properly compensating focus on the infrared body.

DMCPhoto February 19, 2013 2454

DMCPhoto February 19, 2013 2388

DMCPhoto February 19, 2013 2404

DMCPhoto February 19, 2013 2418

DMCPhoto February 19, 2013 2481

Renee and I headed back to Beatty, where I'd booked us into the Stagecoach Hotel and Casino. First, however, we stopped at a large porn shop a few blocks West of the Excalibur - I forget what it's called - to see if we could find some interesting pasties or lingerie. No dice, although I did pick up a copy of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition with Kate Upton. At one point, I grabbed a riding crop from a display and asked Renee, "If I smack your butt, will you do a fake sexy ooh! for me?" "No, I'd kick you in the nuts," she replied. Fair enough.

 My snoring that night was mitigated by the fact that we were back to separate beds. Still feeling a little bad about it, I gave Renee's camera a good cleaning before I hit the sack.

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