Contact and FAQs

I want to model for you! What do I have to do?

Thanks for you interest! Send me your info and some full length pix (clothed is fine) and I'll keep you in mind for any projects I'm doing that you might be right for!

Do I have to model nude?

Have to? No. This isn't North Korea, and I know that because when I wear a t-shirt that says, "Kim Jong Un Blows Goats!" I don't get shot. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. HowEVER, I mostly enjoy shooting nudes, so I'm more likely to want to shoot you if you're comfortable with nudity. That's just plain math, that is.

What I really want is a photographer who'll catalog my wardrobe! I've bought a lot of great clothes and I want pictures of me wearing them!

That's not actually a question. In any event, find someone else! If I want to be bored, I'll ask a 9-11 truther to explain metallurgy.

I'm almost 18 and I have a fake ID! Will you photograph me?

Not even at gunpoint.

Do you shoot sets for Gods Girls/Suicide Girls, etc?

I've done work of that nature before and it's not really my forte - I don't really do 'sets.' Usually out of several hundred photos I'll pull less than half a dozen that I add to my portfolio, print out, etc.

HowEVER. Same as above, if you'd like me to shoot you for SG, BA, GG et al, send me your info and I'll consider shooting a set for you on a deferred fee basis - that means when you get paid for the set, you break me off a chunk of the dough. We're on the honor system here. Also, all expenses (props, etc) are the responsibility of the model.

Not to do the whole 'white knight' routine, but if you're seriously considering going the alt-prOn route, make sure you go in with your eyes open. 

Do you do weddings?


Will you make an exception for my wedding?

No. Contact She does great wedding photography!

How do you reconcile being a libertarian conservative with the sheer amount of raunch I see on this site?

As my father used to say, life's complicated, and it's as simple as that.

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